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Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Propel Your Business Over your Competitors in 2019

Posted by Ella Castro on

If you think that everyone is on Facebook, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. The social media juggernaut currently has around two billion active users and millions of business pages. That means Facebook is the ultimate stomping ground for marketers looking to draw attention to their brands. With over 53 per cent of users claiming that they’re “always on Facebook,” learning Facebook marketing is the best way to go.



However, it’s not a simple feat as you’ll encounter several challenges along the way. To help you through your journey, we have a list of three simple yet effective Facebook marketing tips to help you get an edge against your competitors this year and beyond.


Perfect Your Profile Picture


Take note that even in the online space – first impressions count. Since your brand’s profile picture represent the first element that potential followers will likely see when they interact with you via search, there’s no doubt that imagery is a crucial piece to your Facebook strategy. With a minimum of 180×180 pixels to work with, you should take advantage of that real estate and try to lure people with a simple yet compelling profile picture that resembles pretty much your business.


Spice Up Your Cover Photo


Your cover photo is another piece of blank canvas that has the potential to “wow” your visitors. Since it takes up a considerable chunk of real estate on your business page, you should not overlook the impact that an attractive cover photo can bring to the table. Similar to your profile picture, your cover photo can set the tone for everything about your page. In addition to a high-definition image, keep in mind that your cover photo is also a prime spot for placing brand slogans and calls-to-action (CTAs).


Don’t Overlook Native Video


When it comes to producing content, you have a plethora of mediums to utilise. However, you should know that the most compelling of them all is native video. Facebook and video content marketing go hand in hand. Videos can capture everyone’s attention. Take advantage of this form of media and captivate your audience with some of the most relevant videos that will not only talk about your brand but will also educate the people about certain things that also relate to your business.


They may be simple, basic Facebook marketing factors that you should keep in mind; however, they’re the most impactful. So, make sure you consider each point to establish a successful Facebook marketing campaign that will give you the best results for your business.